Selling weed related accessories online, yes you can!!! Here is how

So you wanna make money selling weed, guess what you can. As more and more countries are understanding that the only people profiting form criminalization of weed are the drug pushers who can keep prices capped and ensure a profitable income governments are changing point of view. And now it is official this is now an industry. Countries are regulating and recognizing the health and monetary benefits of regulating this market.

So you can call it marijuana, CBD, hemp weed you can justify buying it for medical reasons or just for the fun of getting stoned but the important thing is that now you can. If you do not I bet you will soon.


Like any booming industry it is now the right time to get into the drift and start making money by promoting either the product or associated utilities. I personally would suggest to promote products as these are easier to manage from a legal perspective. As far as I know, no government will try to come after you if you are promoting or selling accesories related to the consumption of marjuana opposed to the maruana derivatives like CBD which is still a bit of a gray area and can get you in trouble.

Go ahead give it a try and market these great products from grasscity.

Why grasscity easy because they are

  1. Client support – you clients will buy again
  2. Great products
  3. Vast selection
  4. Most important regural offers you can promote across your network.

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