Nun on the run….

Heal the world – Now this is altruistic

WE all had a dream that some place, dedicated people are growing weed just to help the world. Well who is more dedicated than a nun ??? I mean could be that we have all been scammed by fake news but hey it is on internet there for it must be true.
The article refered to as Nuns who export cannabis to heal the world went viral and we do not care if it is all a lie. More about these nuns well apparently they are the Sisters of the Valley, cheeky based somewhere in Merced, California, we assume there are alot of vallies there. These nuns are not the Catholic religious type but they look like and love to cultivate weed according to the moon cycles before turning their harvest into remedies which they then sell online.

Their products, which are all organic, treat a variety of ailments including back pain, migraines and even hangovers, and each jar and bottle gets its own little prayer before being shipped for distribution.

Ps. We love you.

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